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Work & EmploymentLooking for a job? We have a number of tools and plenty of advice to help you to find the best graduates job in Malaysia

When considering what type of employment you would like, it is worth exploring some of the different options that may be available. Some of these are below.

What to expect in the Public Sector vs. Private Sector

Career Sectors are categories of jobs that relate to a particular function and skillset, such as medicine or construction. It can help you to narrow down the focus to a certain type of career in a certain sector – it’s a great starting point!

If you’re looking for a career, it can be found in the public sector as well as the private sector. The differences between the two might be tough to navigate.

There are three sectors that make up the economy – the public sector, private sector and voluntary sector. A person may work or volunteer in any or all of these sectors, moving between them to balance their personal life with their career.

In each of the sections, we provide information about available job opportunities and degrees that will prepare you for them with advice from recruiters.

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Work & EmploymentVolunteer plays very important role

Giving back has many benefits, including learning new skills and deepening your connection to your neighborhood.

If you want to volunteer and receive your social welfare payment, be sure to ask a Deciding Officer first. You must remain qualified for it while volunteering, and can only apply with the voluntary option before starting any voluntary work.

In order to get ESA you have to fill in an application form (VW1), which is available from your Social Welfare Local Office.

5 Ways Volunteering Affects Your CV

  • Volunteering is a great way to get experience in a field and can lead to opportunities for a job. Volunteering will give people knowledge in a specific area, proving useful when getting paid positions.
  • Volunteering makes you a better work-related individual. Volunteering will make you have strong people skills, good communication, and practical abilities. You’ll develop all these skills when you volunteer

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